Milk Thistle Research Institute

In order to deeply involve into the R&D and to help the development of milk thistle industry, we take the lead in establishing a milk thistle research institute in China.


Inheriting traditional milk thistle R&D and extraction technology, our company established a milk thistle research and development center jointly with China Agricultural University to carry out related research on milk thistle’s effect on liver and gall bladder and on exploitation of the whole industry chain products. Actively carry out international innovation cooperation, participate in the jointly research on the important technologies of the cultivating and using of milk thistle organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and a famous Japanese international cooperation agency.


The company's 1200㎡ R & D and testing center is one of the largest in the industry. A series of high-performance R&D and testing equipments help to ensure the quality of milk thistle extract -silymarin and milk thistle seed oil, to reduce the time to market by more than 15% and to control the product failure rate within 1%.


Research directions:

Research on milk thistle multi-resistance breeding technology

Extraction and process optimization of antioxidant peptides of milk thistle

Optimization of production process of milk thistle micro-capsules

Effective utilization of milk thistle dregs

Key factory production technology of milk thistle sprouts

Evaluation of the safety of milk thistle homology of medicine and food